Friday, January 31, 2014

Topshop Skaters...

I really felt I needed to do a little post on these bad boys, although they have been avidly blogged about, I wanted to put in my two cents (of course). Now, we have all seen the high end skater shoes (slip ons) by the likes of Givenchy, Mother of Pearl and (blogger favorite) CĂ©line and we all know how good a dupe these Topshop ones are, but MY GOD Topshop SORT YOUR SIZING OUT. I initially ordered this tartan pair in my usual size (7) and when they arrived and I tried them on it felt like my toes were caged in and they were very uncomfortable, needless to say I quickly returned them hoping to exchange but was devastated to see they had all sold out :( I decided instead to go for the Black high vamp version and even though I sized up there is still something odd about the shape of the shoe that restricts my toes, how Topshop have managed to create what should be a fairly simple flat shoe and make it (almost) the most uncomfortable shoe i've tried on god only knows but as a slave to fashion I soldier on. Let this be a lesson to you all- order the next size up.    
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