Friday, November 29, 2013


This week i sold my old fur coat, it was from Warehouse and it was lovely but it was a short one and i found it was a little boxy looking and when i wore it, it made me look really top heavy. I decided i'd either replace it with a longer fur coat, or a pink coat as i am still yet to get one. After browsing the internet, all the pink coats i liked were sold out and i just knew i would find a fur coat i liked at the price point i wanted and so i decided to wait for January sales.

Then, today as i was running an errand for a friend, i spotted a lovely looking fur coat in a charity shop window. Now i love charity shops for things for the house but for clothing, i must say, i never really look. Even though i have several friends who love thrifting for clothes and always find real gems, i am slightly lazy and impatient (as is my 3 year old when he gets dragged along) when it comes to rooting through loads of horrendous items just to find that great piece, that and the fact that my gran has a major issue with second hand clothing and has tried to instill the same value in me. 

But back to the point, there it was, this beaut of a Fur coat in a window and so i headed on in to have a look and try it on. It was from the M&S Pur Una range and it was in top condition, it hardly look used as if it was sat in someones wardrobe and the lining was perfectly intact. They wanted £30 for it, which i thought was reasonable as it was in such good condition and buying this new from M&S would probably have set me back £100. So here it is...

Now, it is in a size large and i although i do like the over sized look, i was hoping for it to be slightly more fitted, so i'm going to take it to my talented seamstress of a step mum and see if she can work her magic on it. If not, then i can still wear it like it is no problem!

As i was in there, i had a little scout around and another item immediately caught my attention and it was this...

No, your eyes do not deceive you, i picked up this fitted Zara coat for £13.99 again the condition was as if it was never worn. It fit like a glove and so i snapped it up as well.

So not only did i purchase two amazing bargains, i contributed to a great cause which makes it all the more sweeter. And that concludes my thrifty story.

Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment below if you've ever found a gem like i have :)

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